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Trading account is the main tool for gaining profit on Forex. It’s an account opened in the broker's network and used to make deals.

By opening an account with PBN Capital, you get access to the MetaTrader 4 platform, which, due to its wide analytical and functional capabilities, is by far the most popular trading platform among traders.

PBN Capital offers you to open such types of accounts:

  • Demo account - is a trading account that allows making deals on a trading platform without making a deposit. You trade with fake money but can work with all available trading tools and other features to test your trading strategy risk free.

Demo account is the best way to gain a broker’s experience. It’s easy-to-use and allows to learn basics about Forex. Trading in demo mode helps you gain more skills for further full-fledged work in the foreign exchange market. At the same time, you will not risk your money, as demo trading is conducted with virtual currency. A demo deposit can be used not only by novices.

Experienced brokers need demo practice as well if they want to try new trading strategies. A safe way to do it is to trade on a demo account. Mind, that real trading is always risky, but you may regain your losses. The best thing you get from a demo account is an experience. Don’t limit yourself in getting more skill.

  • Real account - unlike a demo account it allows to place orders in the real market and requires a deposit to be able to do so. Real account is the most common account type among Forex market participants.

This type of account is convenient for those who prefer trading with fixed spreads. Making deals on a Standard account makes it easy to calculate the final targets. With the minimum possible volume of the lot 0.01 and leverage 1:100, one point of profit (loss) will be $0.1.

Mind, that such an account is not quite perfect for scalpers - people who hold positions in a security for a short period of time to make a quick profit. Delays in order executions, however short they were, is typical for Standard deposits. But this doesn’t suit scalpers who exploit short-term price moves. However, such deposits are quite perfect for all other kinds of Forex traders.

You may start trading even if you have no experience at all, our expert team will help you with all sorts of brokerage issues: analyzing market, opening deals, choosing assets for investment, etc. Start earning money with PBN Capital right now!


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