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Demo Account

The best way for a Forex newbie to enter the currency world is to start practicing on a demo account. In fact, almost every live trading account we offer has a mirror reflection of a demo offer. So, if you are interested in developing your trading skills, choose our demo account and start trading.

A practice account functionally in no way inferior to a real trading account. Between them, the only difference is that on the demo account gaining profit, as well as selling over a bargain is absolutely virtual. This means that you, without making hard bargains, can familiarize yourself with trading in the Forex market, and at the same time learn how to make profitable trades and understand how currency quotes change.

To open a demo account on Forex is quite simple. You should go to the registration page of the trading account and choose the "demo account" in the required field. Then you submit the registration form. Opening a demo account is absolutely free of charge.

Using the test account, you will be able to:

  • Acquire the ability to work with the MetaTrader 4 terminal.
  • Get practical trading skills in FX trading and analyzing Forex tendencies;
  • To test in real-time and current quotes your own trading system, without real money involved in trading;
  • Develop your own individual strategy.


Open a demo account