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MetaTrader 4 Terminal

PBN Capital provides to its customers the most popular trading platform - MetaTrader 4. This platform also is the most productive client terminal, not only convenient and easy to use but also super multitasking system.

The classic MT4 platform combines reliability and flexibility with a modern set of tools and a rich variety of functions for each trader's needs.

MetaTrader4 has its obvious advantages:

  • Convenience. The platform interface and all its functionality are so universal that it will be easily used by both - novice and experienced users.
  • Language. MT4 is a multilingual trading terminal, so users from anywhere in the world won’t have any problems in using it.
  • Visualization. For making online trading even more comfortable, as well as providing traders with the opportunity to conduct a continuous analysis of the market, MetaTrader4 offers the widest set of tools for charting, demonstrating price fluctuations, changing market sentiment, etc.
  • Trading robots. To maximize trade optimization, MT4 provides traders with an opportunity to automate their trades. For these purposes, the program has built-in "helpers" - trading robots. Moreover, the system gives every user an opportunity to write and implement on the platform his own advisors and technical indicators using the MQL MT4 programming language.
  • Security and data integrity. Working in Forex, it is very important to know that all your personal data, your account information and account status, as well as the transactions you have made, are completely safe. The platform encrypts all data between the server and the trader, hides the user's IP address, so any hacking or cyber-attacks on the server are eliminated.
  • Flexibility and trading diversity. MT4 offers to its clients to trade with currency pairs, stocks, metals, futures, and raw materials.
  • Easy setup and available technical resources. The platform is developed in a way to be adapted to any customer trading style. In addition, MT4 is not very demanding on technical resources. The platform can be installed on any device, and thus the program will not overload your computer, but at the same time, it will react instantly to your trading requests.

You can verify all the benefits of MT4 terminal by downloading the platform from the link below right now.


Download МТ4