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Forex trading is, above all, a qualitative market analysis and an efficient and successful conclusion of order execution. PBN Capital offers to its clients a full range of support for trading in the foreign exchange market.

We provide the fastest system for orders execution - NDD/ECN, which allows constant access to the foreign exchange market and gives every trader an opportunity to execute transaction deals independently and instantly. The most popular and easy-to-use trade platform MetaTrader 4 will allow you to open/close orders without much effort and experience. 

PBN Capital guarantees daily support of all provided services, in accordance with the work schedule of the market on which you are trading.

There are some basic trading rules:

Trading hours: from Monday 00:05 GMT+2 to Friday 23:55 GMT+2

It should be noted that certain trading instruments can have their own trading session schedule. To be aware of the details on the trading instrument you are interested in, you can check the page in the section “Trading” with the description of the asset you are interested in. Also, you can find this information on the MetaTrader 4 platform.

Trading at the beginning of the trading week

Once the market opens, the trader can start trading and perform any trading operations. Nevertheless, morning time on the market is considered as a period that has very high liquidity and price volatility. It is caused by the constant rolling of demand for assets and, as a consequence, high price volatility.

As a result, such important trading conditions as spreads and orders execution during the market opening more likely will be pretty limited.

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Orders Execution

PBN Capital offers a number of advantages in order execution:

  • Hedging;
  • Real-time market execution;
  • No requotes and delays in orders execution;
  • 100% execution rate - no rejection of orders;
  • All the deals are processed without the dealing terminal intervention.

PBN Capital offers its customers a developed infrastructure for online trading, which involves competitive prices, as well as prompt and accurate orders execution. We try to do our best so that trading becomes profitable for each trader.

Contact us by phone + 41435500292, or send us an e-mail to [email protected]

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